About Us

Professional Services for Local Musicians By Musicians

We are East Van’s answer to the shortage of quality jam halls.

At Suna Studios we rent premium rehearsal spaces on a monthly and hourly basis at the lowest prices we can offer.

We offer real amenities:

  • Secure premises (code locked exterior doors that are changed regularly, IP cameras that can be viewed online, individually monitored alarmed rooms)
  • Sound proofing (double walls with mineral wool insulation)
  • Circulated fresh air
  • Easy loading / unloading
  • Professionally managed



Tired of having you gear stolen?  Got mold on your walls?  Sick of having to yell really loud to be heard over the guys jamming in the studio next to you?  Want to be part of a community – founded by local musicians for local musicians?  Then feel free to contact us!


Lockouts Built To Last

We are building new lockouts!  In a city that loses rehearsal rooms by the day, we have a 17 year lease on a new building.  See details below, under “The Jamnasium”.

We offer real amenities for our monthly lockouts:

  • Secure premises (code locked exterior doors that are changed regularly, IP cameras that can be viewed online, individually monitored alarmed rooms)
  • Sound proofing (double walls with mineral wool insulation)
  • temperature controlled – circulated fresh air (and Air Conditioning in most units) and heat
  • Easy loading / unloading
  • Professionally managed
  • Discounted recording services for tenants
  • Tenants get preferred selection for playing our festivals
  • Discounted (and in some cases free) access to our festivals and showcases for tenants
  • Promotion through our Social Media for tenant band news
  • Referrals to Record Labels and local Talent Management for tenants
  • Professional workshop on site to help with repairs and custom creations


We’re Vancouver’s largest rehearsal space provider.  We’ve been here 8 years, and have three locations and over 25,000 square feet of floor space.  In a city where art space gets gobbled up all the time, that’s quite the feat!  Come join a real musical community that is all genre inclusive.  We’re musicians like you and we actually care about the scene in this city.  Sound like fun?  Join us today.

Lockout Studios:

Toona – 15 Rooms (FULL)

1585 East Pender, Vancouver BC

little better

1385 Odlum Drive, Vancouver BC

rockery inverted

Jamnasium- 42 Rooms (NOW TAKING DEPOSITS)

1140 Clark Drive, Vancouver BC


Suna Or Later – You’ll Be Jamming With Us

At Suna we’re about community.  A lot of people throw that word around these days – but you see us at your shows.  Or we see you at ours. We’ve got one of the cleanest, nicest and least expensive jam studios in town.  Come give us a try – you won’t regret it!




Booking Your Session With Suna

Please use the link below to book jam sessions with us.  You will need to create an account, but then you can log in to book and will receive emails  confirming and reminding you of your session.
If you prefer you can call us at 604-563-5460.  The phone is answered most hours of the day – you can find us easily close to Commercial Drive and 1st if you want to wander by!


All sessions once booked must be cancelled with at least 24 hours notice or there will be a penalty of $25.  This can be done through login on our system (if at least 24 hours before start time) or by phone at 604‐563‐5460. If leaving a voicemail please leave the name, phone number, date and start time.

Our cancellation terms are:

  • no penalty for cancellations made more than 24 hours before the scheduled start time
  • $25 penalty for within 24 hour cancellation
  • cancellations less than 2 hours before mean you’re responsible for the entire session cost

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VIP Program

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Jamnasium (Suna’s Fourth Location) is currently under construction!  This is our largest project yet with 42 monthly lockouts and 7 hourly spaces.  It is in a standalone brick building on the corner of Clark and William, smack dab in the middle of Vancouver’s busiest industrial zone.  This is a truly one of a kind location – we couldn’t be more excited about having this spot secured until 2034! This one will be fully air conditioned as well from the beginning, so no more sweaty jams!

We are currently taking deposits to secure rooms.  Our expected open date is this Winter, depending on how long the city takes to finalize approval of our development plans.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to get a rehearsal space in this prime location!

This Studio Complex is located at 1140 Clark Drive.

Floor plans are below. Current status is 1/3 FULL.  Feel free to reach out to us today to secure a spot!