Suna or later – you’ll be jamming with us

Brand new facility and the best value for your dollar!

 Hourly Studio Time starts at just $10 per hour!

Welcome to Suna Studios Hourly Rooms!!

We have 7 Studios that range in price and size that can accommodate all of your rock n roll needs. Each Room is fully sound treated with 12ʼ high beautiful cedar ceilings and comes stocked with professional well maintained gear.

You will need to create an account, but then you can log in to book and will receive emails confirming your session.

If you prefer you can call us at 604-563-5460.

The phone is answered most hours of the day – you can find us easily close to Clark Drive and William if you want to wander by!

Rooms Include:
  • Drum Kit w/o Breakables
  • 1 or 2 Guitar Cabs
  • 1 high quality bass amp
  • Brand name PA with wall mounted monitors and 2 mics.

Additional Guitar cabs available at no extra charge if any are available, first come first served.

In Addition:
  • High cedar soft wood ceilings, it’s like playing inside an acoustic guitar!
  • All rooms are acoustically treated with sound panels all over
  • Floating floors for increased noise isolation (built on good ol’ Canadian hockey pucks!)
  • All rooms are climate controlled with AC, or heat, depending on your fancy…with proper air circulation to avoid mold!

* Please note, drum breakables, guitar heads and extra mics are not included but are available to rent at an additional low cost. See additional rental prices below *

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Studio A

90 sq. ft. : $10 / hour SOLO $15 / hour 2 or more

Our humble little studio A is catered as a solo room for musicians wanting some alone time practicing in, but can also accommodate duos and even trios if you don’t mind rehearsing a little close to your band mates. At only 90 sq. ft., Studio A is small and intimate but extremely cozy with 2 large floor to ceiling windows with a Downtown City View.


Studio B

211 sq. ft. : $19.99 / hour

Perfect for a 5-6 piece band, Studio B is a spacious 211 sq. ft. and a favourite among many of our clients that prefer a bit livelier sound. The cedar ceilings are really showcased here and lends itself to the overall warmness and vibe of this room.

Studio C

150 sq. ft. : $19 / hour

Room with a view! Studio C is one of three of our studios that have a window as well as a brick accent wall. With the addition of the high cedar ceilings this room gives off a vibe unlike your average rehearsal room. At 150 sq. ft., this room is ideal for 4 piece bands.

Studio D

149 sq. ft. : $19 / hour

Also known as our “Eyeball Room”,  Studio D has a unique wall painting of multiple eyeballs keeping a watchful eye on your drummers timing. This room is 149 sq. ft. and is ideal for 4 piece bands.

Studio E

152 sq. ft. : $19 / hour

Other than being 2 sq. ft. larger than Studio C, this room is visually almost an exact replica of C with the window and brick. 152 sq. ft., ideal for 4 piece bands.

Studio F

153 sq. ft.: $19 / hour

At 153 sq. ft., Studio F is the largest of our $19/hour rooms and also perfect for 4 piece bands with a slightly different layout than the other rooms.

Studio G

250 sq. ft. : $23.33 / hour

Our Premier Studio G is a 250 sq. ft. room with a stage perfect for preparing for showcases, entertaining a few friends or just wanting a spacious room to rehearse in. This room can accommodate a large band comfortably and has a great live sound feel to it. Rehearse like a true rock star in Studio G!


Solid Guitar Amps: $6.66 /Session (Bass amps come with the room!)

Tube Guitar Amps: $9.99 / Session

Double Kick Pedal: $10.00/ Session (Single kick comes with the room!)

Bass – Guitar – Keyboard – Other Instrument: $6.66 / Session


Got your own stuff?
Need to leave it here so you can use it during your jams?

$25 / Month for 1 Amp, Cab or Guitar

Rent additional storage @ $25 / Item

Rent space for 2 and get 1 free! (3 items for $50)

We’ve got one of the cleanest, nicest and least expensive jam studios in town.

Come give us a try – you won’t regret it!