Suna or later – you’ll be jamming with us

Brand new facility and the best value for your dollar!

 Hourly Studio Time starts at just $21 per hour!

Welcome to Jamnasium! Suna’s largest facility located at 1140 Clark Dr in East Vancouver.

Our Jamnasium hourly location has 7 beautifully themed rehearsal studios that range in price and size that can accommodate all of your musical needs. Each room is fully sound treated with 12ʼ high beautiful cedar ceilings and comes stocked with professional well maintained gear. The entire hourly wing of our studio has recently been remodelled in a Victorian decor, tailored to motivate and inspire musical creation. Each one of our 7 rooms are uniquely themed that will make you feel like you’re rehearsing in a room straight out of a Edgar Allan Poe novel or Tim Burton movie!


To book online, you will need to create an account, which will allow you to reserve and edit your room and time preference.
You will then receive an email confirming your session.
Alternatively you can call us at 604-563-5460.
The phone is answered most hours of the day, but we suggest online booking to ensure speedy confirmation.
*Please note that all bookings require a 2 hr minimum and cannot be reserved or edited online within 6 hours or less*

Rooms Include:

  • Drum Kit w/o Breakables
  • 1 or 2 Guitar Cabs
  • 1 high quality bass amp
  • Brand name PA with wall mounted monitors.

Additional Guitar cabs available at no extra charge.

In Addition:
  • High cedar soft wood ceilings, it’s like playing inside an acoustic guitar!
  • All rooms are acoustically treated with sound panels all over
  • Floating floors for increased noise isolation (built on good ol’ Canadian hockey pucks!)
  • All rooms are climate controlled with AC, or heat, depending on your fancy…with proper air circulation to avoid mold!

We require 24 hours to cancel a booking. Any sessions cancelled less than 24 hours will be subject to 100% of the time booked.

During the Covid crisis, we encourage clients to bring their own amps, drum breakables, mics and cables as they are no longer included in room rate, but will be available to rent at a low cost if needed. See additional rental prices below

* Please note, drum breakables, guitar heads and extra mics are not included but are available to rent at an additional low cost. See additional rental prices below *

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Studio A

The Alcove 

90 sq. ft. : $21/ hour

The manors’ intimate Alcove is a 90 sq.ft studio, which may be our smallest room but a room not to overlook. With a warm and inviting vibe, it has a downtown city view and natural light shining in. Even if you’ve never jammed in the room before, it will feel oddly familiar. The Alcove Room is curated as the perfect option for solo rehearsal or a budget friendly room for bands with up to three people

Studio B

The Game Room

211 sq. ft. : $26/ hour

The Game Room is spacious and a favourite room among many, with sound treatment o’ plenty. The 12’ high soft cedar ceiling lends to the ambiance of this rustic feeling studio, which is the Manors’ laid back, yet wild oasis.
Soak in the throwback vibes of this room to let loose and rock out like an animal.

Studio C

The Boudoir

150 sq. ft. : $23/ hour

Room with a private view! And when we say view, we really mean it. The inspiration for the manors’ Boudoir Room is revealed upon entry and despite the intimate setting, the room is rich in style and decor.  Get in tune with the vintage inspiration provided and let your naughty guitar licks loose in this alluring room.

Studio D

The Vanity Room

149 sq. ft. : $23 / hour

Have you ever had that feeling like you’re being watched? The Vanity Room was specifically designed to have all eyes on you at all times! A moody room with ample sound treatment that will surely inspire your guitar player to work on their awkward stage moves.

Studio E

The Parlour – Currently Rented Fulltime

152 sq. ft. : $23/ hour
Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice! Is what you really shouldn’t say into the mic when rehearsing in this particular studio. A Tim Burton inspired room with great acoustics and chandelier lighting.  The manors most elegant room will be sure to inspire a class act and is a space you will not be able to leave.

Studio F

The Spirit Room

153 sq. ft.: $23/ hour
Do you believe in the afterlife? Our manors’ Spirit Room will either inspire or have you running to the front desk asking for another room. But “fret” not, our spirts are here to move you and be moved by the music created in this rehearsal space.  We want them to stay so please keep them entertained.

Studio G

The Study

250 sq. ft. : $29 / hour

Take a walk down the manors gilded hallway to the premier studio and leave your stage fright behind as you step up to a new level.

The Study gives you the perfect backdrop to showcase your talent with its large stage layout, making it ideal for preparing for upcoming performances, entertaining a few friends or if you are just wanting a spacious room to rehearse. Study your craft like a professional on stage where you belong.



Solid State Guitar Amps: $7.50 /Session (Bass amps come with the room!)

Tube Guitar Amps: $11.00 / Session

Double Kick Pedal: $10.00/ Session (Single kick comes with the room!)

Bass – Guitar – Keyboard – Other Instrument: $10.00/ Session

Mic – $1.25

XLR – $1.25


Got your own stuff?
Need to leave it here so you can use it during your jams?

$25 / Month for 1 Amp, Cab or Guitar

Rent additional storage @ $25 / Item

Rent space for 2 and get 1 free! (3 items for $50)

We’ve got one of the cleanest, nicest and least expensive jam studios in town.

Come give us a try – you won’t regret it!