Lockouts Built To Last

We have 4 facilities in the lower mainland. 

Demand is high and availability is low!

Contact us today about our most current inventory!

We offer real amenities for our monthly lockouts:
  • Secure premises (code locked exterior doors that are changed regularly, IP cameras that can be viewed online, individually monitored alarmed rooms)
  • Sound proofing (double walls with mineral wool insulation)
  • temperature controlled – circulated fresh air (and Air Conditioning in most units) and heat
  • Easy loading / unloading
  • Professionally managed
  • Discounted recording services for tenants
  • Tenants get preferred selection for playing our festivals
  • Professional workshop on site to help with repairs and custom creations

We’re Vancouver’s largest rehearsal space provider.

We’ve been here 14 years, have a total of 84 lockouts, and over 30,000 square feet of combined floor space.  In a city where art space gets gobbled up all the time, that’s quite the feat!

Come join a real musical community that is all genre inclusive.  We’re musicians like you and we actually care about the scene in this city.

Sound like fun?  Join us today.