Helping local artists & musicians thrive, and programs for vulnerable children & adults

Offering a broad range of services to people with developmental disabilities and their families, Suna is proud to partner with Posabilities in their music outreach program.

Helping Suna expand and grow, VanCity partners with local business providing funding and finance expertise

Helping Creative Industries in BC grow, Suna works with CreativeBC to help our business grow with their support

Collaborating with the City on projects, Suna offers a different approach to the music scene that the City values and consults with us on.

A long-term partnership, Long & McQuade has decked out our facilities for years, offering their great rates and expertise to help us expand in the right ways

Partnering at our events, providing local, delicious craft beers and cider

Local Craft Distillery offering up tasty gin & vodka beverages at our events

Helping promote Suna Studios and our events for years, Silver Fox is our trusted partner for all our poster promo needs

A local commissary for all your kitchen needs, Coho partners with Suna for catering at our events and studios

A favourite eatery for local musicians, Suna hosts open mics regularly at Lana’s to help promote the scene

Established in 2003, as part of Port Capital Group, PortLiving got its start by focusing on developing pioneering projects in well-located, yet underserved and overlooked neighbourhoods.  They are a key strategic partner for Suna Studios Inc. and the creators of the 3333 Bridgeway Street (Suna Gateway)