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Irish hero and voice of a nation, Blindboy Boatclub launched The Blindboy Podcast little over a year ago as well as a number 1 selling book, The Gospel According to Blindboy.

Since he has gained international recognition, topped the podcast charts and tickled everyone’s gouch while he’s at it!

For those unfamiliar,

Blindboy indoctrinates mental health issues but reaches further into a wide spectrum of current topics, from gun laws, feminism, racism or the current state of Ireland.

His podcasts are a mix of his ‘Hot Takes’ which will leave you in tears of laughter but with some golden and sometimes quite the miscellaneous bits of information for you to broadcast randomly around your friends and colleagues and parade such facts as your own and Live Podcasts with Special Guests, readings from The Gospel According To Blindboy, rounded off with a Q&A.

Blinboy is outspoken, informed and empathetic, it might be because he spent a few years studying physiology or, it could be just the fact that he’s a decent human ‘bee-ing’.

Either way, Blindboy Boatclub is about to embark on a World Tour bringing his kind soul and quirky views through the likes of Canada, ‘The America’, Europe, Australia and beyond.

Save a spider.


Podcast Link:

The Gospel According To Blindboy [BOOK]

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The Rickshaw Theatre
Wed July 3rd
Doors 7pm

Tickets on sale 9am April 5th via Eventbrite

To keep up with the world tour please head over to

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