Rockery (Suna’s Third Location) is located on a crazy grade, so even though it says that there are two floors both floors are ground level.  This was our first foray into Air Conditioning…  we figured out that for the same price we paid for having carpets in our last studio, we could put a kickass climate control system in instead!  So – there are no carpets. But hot damn!  Air Conditioning is amazing!  We also experimented with non square rooms to see how it affected sound quality (bounce) in the rooms as well.  And as a bonus it looks totally cool in there.

This Studio Complex is located at 1385 East Odlum Drive.  

This location also features our onsite recording studio, where Producer / Engineer Larry Lich records Suna bands for a significant discount!  We will be posting a link to his online site soon, once it fully comes online.  Floor plans are below. Current status is FULL.