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Still the cheapest in town!  Did you know?  We don’t hide any extra charges in our rental rates.  

Studio Time $16.66/Hour

Includes: Drum Kit w/ Breakables (including snare!), 1 Guitar Cab, 1 Bass Amp, PA & 2 Mics

Additional Guitar cabs available at no extra charge if any are available, first come first served.

Buy 4 Pack of 3 Hour Jams for 10% off!  12 hours regular $200, 4 pack is $180

Buy 4 Pack of 2 Hour Jams for 5% off  8 hours regular $135, 4 pack is $120

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Guitar Amps $6.66 Per Session (Bass amps come with the room!)

Double Kick Pedal $6.66 Per Session (Single kick comes with the room!)

Bass / Guitar / Keyboard $6.66 Per Session

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Got your own stuff?  Need to leave it here so you can use it during your jams?

$25 / Month for 1 Amp, Cab or Guitar

Rent additional storage @ $25/item, rent space for 2 and get 1 free! (3 items for $50)