Lockouts Built To Last

We offer real amenities for our monthly lockouts:

  • Secure premises (code locked exterior doors that are changed regularly, IP cameras that can be viewed online, individually monitored alarmed rooms)
  • Sound proofing (double walls with mineral wool insulation)
  • Circulated fresh air
  • Easy loading / unloading
  • Professionally managed

Vancouver is in need of additional professional resources for musicians – rehearsal spaces and venues.  At Suna we try to strike a balance – build the best lockout spaces we can and rent them out at the lowest cost possible.  It started with just our band in our room and over time evolved into a small 4 room building, then we added another 15 lockouts up the street – then another 16 rooms a couple of blocks away.  We charge a flat rate per square foot which covers our costs and makes sure that we have the extra resources to keep building lockouts as long as we need to.  As musicians ourselves we understand the need for other professional grade spaces in Vancouver.  It doesn’t seem like a lot to ask for – security, soundproofing, cleanliness, temperature and fresh air – but it is definitely not easy to find in this city.  All of our studio rooms come with these features and more.

We built them the way we thought jam spaces should be, but made sure we didn’t spend so much money on renovations that we would need to charge a small fortune to keep them open.  It is our goal to continue to provide these resources and expand upon them to make it easier to make music in this city.  In the market for a lockout space?  Contact us and we’ll let you know if we have any room available.  And if we don’t – we’ll put you on the waiting list and as we build more you’ll be next in line to get in on our next project.

Our next Jam Space development project (located in East Vancouver – Hastings / Sunrise Commercial Drive) is scheduled to begin construction in February 2016, so there’s still time to be a part of that if you want.





Lockout Studios:

Toona – 15 Rooms (FULL)

1585 East Pender, Vancouver BC

little better

Rockery- 15 Rooms (FULL)

1385 Odlum Drive, Vancouver BC

rockery inverted